Anonymous asked:

how do you push through that "i'm not good enough" feeling?

Treebred Answer:


Making art

See through (by R.D.)

So i was a step
I was a new horizon
I was the change… for a while

I inadvertently gave myself away
Let myself convince
That maybe
That perhaps
That this time
That this…

Should’ve known better
There’s a reason why that demolished wall used to be there
But now that the bricks are scattered
Now that we see the garden on the other side
who will water the flowers, who will talk to the tree?

Got the unsent message
The one silent brought diligently
Magic is over
You’ve seen all my tricks

Well, this thing in my head and I have come to an agreement
We both know this was my mistake
I shouldn’t have dropped my armor
I shouldn’t have uncovered my ears
I shouldn’t have opened
No, I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t have

Because now there no rubbing alcohol, 
No hydrogen peroxide to treat this wound
Yeah, that smile of yours hurts like a motherfucker
And, you know, I deserve this
Because I was the one who let the armor drop
I was the one who uncovered my ears
I was the one who opened
And now, look, I’m see through

R.D. see through